terms and conditions

By registering for a photo tour/workshop [ tour ], you acknowledge that you have voluntarily applied to participate on this tour and that you have read the description of the tour as it appears in the current catalogue or website.

My tours are executed and solely sold by Impi Expeditions t/a Impi Safaris [ Impis Safaris ] a company owned by Daniel Jacobs, based in Johannesburg. The pace of each tour, the dedication to one or another theme and/or region, are designed and determined by Thomas Frömmel based on his experience in the region, research and/or accounts of other travelers, as well as relationships established over the years at various destinations. I, Thomas Frömmel does not own or operate any entity, which is to or does provide goods or services for your trip including, for example, lodging facilities, airline, vessel, minibus, or other transportation companies, guides or guide services, local ground operators, providers or organizers of optional excursions, food service providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors and/or Travel Agents. 

As a result, Thomas Frömmel is not liable for any negligent or wilful act or failure to act of any such person or entity or of any third party.

Travel arrangements, logistics, bookings, support, insurance, and everything related to the activity of a Travel Agent is organized by Impi Safaris or an appointed and official Travel Agent.

The participant is responsible for understanding the conditions as described in the tour Itinerary and selecting a tour in consultation with us that is appropriate to his/her interests and abilities. In addition, the participant should prepare for the tour by reading the tour Itinerary and supplemental tour information in the pre-tour materials and for bringing the appropriate clothing and equipment as advised in those materials. The participant should also consult his or her physician to determine his or her suitability for the tour and to discuss any over the counter or prescription medicines he/she should consider taking relative to the demands of the tour (e.g. in the case of tours which travel to higher altitudes or with exposure to risk of malaria). Impi Safari and/or Thomas Frömmel reserve the right in our sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any participant on a tour at any time during the tour. In the event of removal from a tour, refunds are not given.

You are expected to travel with your own insurance. Also, please be advised that a CANCEL FOR ANY REASON INSURANCE is highly recommended. Travel and medical insurance is compulsory and is the responsibility of the passenger to purchase.

Travel insurance helps to minimize the risk of monetary losses you would incur in the event of a delay of your departure due to weather, airline strike, missed connection, etc., your inability to travel for reasons such as illness, injury, unforeseen financial complications and other personal circumstances, or if you were required to cut your trip short for medical or any other reason.

You should carry your own insurance when travelling with me. Learn what medical services your health insurance will cover overseas. Whether your insurance is valid overseas or not, you may be required to pay for care when you receive it. If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, consider purchasing a short-term policy that does. Many travel agents and private companies offer insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred overseas including emergency services such as medical evacuations.

Also a trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. 

In the event the participant becomes sufficiently incapacitated as to be unable to direct his or her own care, there is no one on the trip who can direct participant’s care, and Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Frömmel is unable or does not have time to contact participant’s emergency contact, the participant, by registering and paying a deposit for a tour, authorizes any medical treatment deemed necessary in the event of any injury or illness while participating in the activity including, but not limited to, X-ray, examination, anaesthetics, medical or surgical diagnosis, or treatment and hospital care which is deemed advisable by, and is to be rendered by a duly licensed physician deemed competent to render the necessary care. In addition, the participant certifies that they have medical insurance which will cover personal accidents, medical expenses, medical evacuation, air ambulance, loss of effects, repatriation costs and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the participant, or that in the absence of this medical insurance coverage, the participant agrees to pay all costs of rescue and/or medical services as may be incurred on the participant’s behalf.

The participant further certifies that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other participants.

The participant must notify us of any medical issues well before departure. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any participant on a trip at any time during the trip. In the event of removal from a Trip, refunds are not given.

You are expected to be in reasonable shape and fitness and being able to walk for several hours at a normal pace as well as to take care of your own equipment. You could have to transport your own luggage and bags in airports and hotels. By registering in my tours you attest that you have no physical limitation or incapacity that could create risk to or impact in the rhythm of the rest of the group. We reserve the right to refuse the participation of any participant not considered suitable due to his fitness level.

The majority of my tours are not strenuous and anyone who is reasonably fit should be able to take part in most of the activities. You may experience general fatigue due to the long flights and the change in time zones. You will need to be sufficiently agile to climb in and out of the tour van and be able to carry and manage your own equipment. We will frequently hike trails ranging from easy to moderate. Some hotels do not have elevators or air conditioners.

By registering for one of my tours, the participant acknowledges that he/she is aware that travel such as the tour he/she is undertaking involves potentially dangerous activities, some in remote areas of the world, with a risk of illness, injury or death which may be caused by forces of nature, illness, or by willful or criminal conduct of third parties or by terrorism.

You acknowledge that travel to foreign countries entails unanticipated risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to yourself, to property, or to third parties. You understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity. The risks include, among other things: the hazards of walking on uneven terrain (cobblestones) and slips and falls, street muggings, hijacking, your own physical condition, eventually death.

The participant further acknowledges that weather conditions may be severe, adverse and/or unpleasant and that medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible or consistent with standards in the United States or Europe during some or all of the time during which he/she is participating on the trip and that when available may not be of the quality which exists in the United States or Europe.

Hospital facilities or appropriate medical facilities or doctors are often unavailable and evacuation can be prolonged, difficult, and expensive. We assume no liability regarding provision of medical care.

Itineraries have been carefully constructed to assure participants the best each destination has to offer, however, should events arise that are beyond our control, activities and hotel arrangements are subject to change without notice. The itineraries summarize typical areas you will explore. Since there is no possible way to visit all of them, your guides will plan each day considering the interests of the group and the weather at hand. Be assured that we will make substitutions that are as similar in quality and interest as possible.

Thomas Frömmel and/or Impi Safaris assumes and incurs no liability as a result of any weather event, war, unrest, political confrontation or other act of God which may occur anywhere in the world that may impact this tour.

Thomas Frömmel and/or Impi Safaris has no liability for any events over which they do not have direct control and may alter or influence. Thomas Frömmel and/or Impi Safaris reserves the right to substitute hotels or accommodations with a similar category for those previously indicated and make any changes in the itinerary with respect to location, transportation or other trip details.

Thomas Frömmel and/or Impi Safaris is not responsible for any issues due allergic reactions to foods or related illnesses.

In the event that for any reason whatsoever, such as but not limited to a medical emergency, the originally assigned photographer is unable to accompany the trip, he will be replaced by another photographer with experience in the same destination. Such a change will not be deemed sufficient grounds for a refund other than stated in the cancellation policy.

Prices and itineraries may vary without prior notice until the moment of booking. Itineraries may be altered during the trip depending on photographic interest upon decision of the accompanying photographer.

Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography reserve the right to cancel any trip because of inadequate enrolment that makes the trip economically infeasible to operate or because of our concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the participants. If an expedition is cancelled by us prior to departure, Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography will provide the participant with a full refund of monies paid to them; except in the event cancellation is due to a significant event that makes it infeasible to operate the tour as planned, in which case Impi Safaris will provide the participant with a refund and/or credit toward a future Impi Safaris trip equivalent to monies paid to them.

The applicant acknowledges that travel on an Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography tour requires a degree of flexibility, and understands that the trip’s route, accommodation and modes of transport are subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances. Should Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography deem it advisable to amend an itinerary for any reason, it may do so by shortening, varying or rerouting any trip. These changes are binding and additional expenses will be charged to the applicant if the reason for any major alteration is outside Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography control.

If Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography cancel the tour in progress, the participant will receive a prorated refund and/or a credit based on the number of days not completed on the tour. We will not be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by participant in his/her preparation for the trip (e.g., non-refundable airline tickets visa fees, if applicable clothing, equipment and medical expenses, etc.).

The itineraries and staff presented are subject to modification and change by Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography. We reserve the right, without penalty, to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in our judgment, conditions warrant, or if we deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants.

While travelling with Impi Safaris the applicant agrees to accept the authority of the leader or local operator at all times. The applicant is aware that travel within a group may involve compromise to accommodate the diverse desires and physical abilities of group members. The applicant understands that Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography reserves the right to decline, accept, or retain any person as a member of the group at any time.

Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography may cancel any tour prior to departure if they feel it is in the best interest of the tour and the participants to do so. Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography is charged with insuring the best interest of its clients and does everything reasonably expected to ensure their safety and well-being. However, Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography is not responsible for any costs or expenses and will not refund any trip payments nor is Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography further liable for any other trip preparation expenses, including air tickets, visas, medical expenses or any other costs incurred in preparing for said trip. Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography reserves the right to substitute trip leaders from those originally specified and to accept or retain any person as a member of any trip.

Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography and/or their agents are acting only as agents for the passenger with respect to travel, including, but not limited to sightseeing, meals, lodge transportation and all other services whether by railroad, motorcar, motor coach, boat, ship, aircraft or any other form of transportation and Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography assumes no liability for any loss, damage, injury, death, accident, delay or other event which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or conveyance, or for any other reason whatsoever or through the acts or omissions of any company or persons engaged in conveying the passenger in conjunction with the tour.

Additionally, Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography assumes no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in travel schedules, sickness, weather, strike, war or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be borne by the participant. Baggage and equipment is at the owners risk entirely, and it is the owners responsibility to make arrangements to convey said baggage and have it at the proper destination.

Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography has the right to add up to 2 guests over maximum to a tour. This is sometimes needed to fill a vehicle, accommodate a couple or find a room mate for a guest.

In accordance with the EEC directive. 90/314 all passengers booking with Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography are fully insured for the initial deposit and subsequently the balance of all monies paid, including repatriation if required, arising from the cancellation or curtailment of the travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Impi Safaris.

Impi Safaris and/or Thomas Froemmel Photography reserves the right and permission to use photographs of individuals on tour for use in promotional and publicity purposes. We also reserve the right to use clients photographs for promotional and publicity purposes should they be submitted by the clients.

In addition to this Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions of Impi Expeditions t/a Impi Safaris are relevant. The General Terms and Conditions of Impi Expeditions t/a Impi Safaris can be found on their website http://www.impisafaris.com and are send to the participant prior to the request of the initial deposit.