and travel enthusiast


my past

I was born and raised in the former East Germany. In my early childhood I was fascinated by hearing and also making music, sitting hours in front of my parents' record-player listening to the tunes whilst paging through travel magazines that my uncle in West Germany was gifting to us. Travel was completely restricted in Eastern Germany and these travel magazines allowed me to see the world outside the 'wall' and revealed nature's indescribable beauty to me. These afternoons mad me addicted to beautiful landscapes and awaken my desire to travel and see the world.

My birthday present on my 11th birthday was a PRAKTIKA film camera. This was the the first time I picked up a camera. I enjoyed taking snaps of everything around me and kept dreaming of a career as a Photographer. I was born into a conservative family, and I found myself studying Economics after finishing school. My passion for travel and for landscape and nature photography was always strong, so I started my photography business. As my skills improved, I was earning some income from my photography that allowed me to buy better equipment and to follow my travel passion.


my present   

Now, almost 20 years later, I've traveled to more than 20 countries around the world and am able to call myself a professional landscape and nature photographer. Out of all the countries I have been traveling to, I have been to Namibia the most. Currently living in South Africa makes it easy for me to get there and I'm strictly addicted to Namibia's wide open and unique landscapes and the wildlife in Southern Africa in general. 

There is nothing better than overlooking vast wild plains with a sundowner or to dive deep into the sand dune-scape of the Namib desert and to sleep under its incredible starlite sky.

my future

I am really grateful for all the appreciation of my work, all the amazing people I have met and  to have been able to travel to so many fantastic destinations thus far. I am also remarkably grateful to my lovely wife who contributes mostly to our family income and tolerates all my travel. I also enjoy the thrills and workload of entrepreneurship that unfortunately comes with the downside of being kept behind the desk more than I'd like to be. Thus I have put many more thrilling destinations on my travel bucket list that I have to explore.... and the 7 Summits... but I'm still young ;)