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why you should join my photo tours

There are quite many other photographers out there, guiding trips and wokshops in spectacular places around the world. Why should you give me your hard-earned money then? There are many answers to this question, and I'll try listing them below.

 Small groups of 6 to 8 people

Our exclusive trips are carefully planned and intensively scouted for a group of only 6 to a maximum of 8 photographers. This small group size gives us plenty of time for one-on-one teaching and individual spot scouting.  It also allows for plenty of space on spot without standing in each other's way and ample space in the vehicle. In a small group we also have time to discuss any technical problems, creative doubts or any other personal matter that may arise, and small groups achieve a spacious, private and family-like atmosphere much easier.

Our soul and spirit

Our photo tours are not all about photography but are also planned to discover new cultures and countries, to discover what happens in peoples' daily live and behind the scenes, beyond what a normal traveler might see. Niel and I,love our jobs. Guiding with a smile on our face makes an incredible difference in the field and while interacting with locals. We both love to meet people and travel with them to unique locations. Fun and an amazing holiday is what you'll get with us, and that's every bit as important as photographic skills.


Niel and I offer help above and beyond teaching and guiding in the field. You, our clients are encouraged, and feel free to, ask questions on any subject related to the photo tour, at any time whatsoever. We are always available to help you before and after the tour, not only during it. The aim of our photographic workshop is to develop your photographic abilities and your personal vision to create emotionally charged images. Creating speaking images is going beyond the mere “capture”. Sure, we will also focus on how to handle your camera settings in difficult conditions but will also try to strengthen your vision and teach you how to approach your motif. We hope to help you create photos that include a piece of you in them.


Our photo tours are organized in full cooperation with local experts and guides. I trust myself as a photographic guide and Niel as a nature guide, but we never take chances and only trust our safety with trained, experienced professionals. We are well connected in Southern Africa, and so even in the rare case that something wrong happens, we have all the means to ensure your continued well-being. High skills and experience in photography, traveling, and teaching are an absolute must when you're guiding people on photographic adventures. Thomas has been a professional photographer for several years now, and has traveled to over more than 20 countries around the world and Niel is also a rugged nomad, having traveled and guided tour for almost 20 years now in Southern and East Africa and also around the world. This means that we will be ready to solve a tough situation should something happen. 

value for your money

My photo tours offer great value for money, though they are not always cheap, but your money goes into better facilities, better cars, better professional tour guides, better lodging and into unique features like an exclusive desert expedition deep into the Namib Desert or like luxury game drives or boats sails or helicopter flights. I and my professional tour guides do everything we can to make your photo tour memorable.